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Why You Should Visit the Mountain View Park?

You should visit Mountain View Park because it’s in a place that takes your mind off your work and helps you relax. This is a serene place where you have an excellent time at Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The Mountain View Park is located at 11701 Terra Vista Pkwy, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, United States. 

At this place, you can take part in some activities, visit the picnic areas and many more. Here are some reasons why you should visit Mountain View Park.

Scenic Views of the Surrounding Mountains 

Mountain View Park is a recreational park around the Santa Cruz Mountains and San Francisco Bay. There are great landmarks and views to be seen from the park. You will also find amazing valleys, vegetation, and Lakes which will make you want more. Coming with a Camera would be good advice for new visitors to the park. 

Outdoor Exercise Opportunities 

At Mountain View Park in Rancho Cucamonga, there are many Outdoor opportunities visitors can enjoy. The Rancho Cucamonga stadium boasts an amazing sports center where you can play baseball, tennis, and soccer. They have both amateur and professional teams that you can join for regular exercises. You could go climbing with an Adventure Company to have exhilarating Outdoor. You should also definitely visit the Bear Gulch Park as well. 

Picnic Areas 

If you are coming to the mountain view park with friends, you could visit some picnic areas. There are Botanical Gardens around the Park where you could sit down. These picnics are well trimmed and have been maintained by the administrator. You can smell the flowers, view the rotating exhibitions and have a great time. 

Large Playground 

 There is a large playground for everybody to have a swell time. At their playground, you will find kids, students and adults engaging in Various Outdoor activities which will keep them engaged for a long time. This place is ideal for people who congregate for social events. The Mountain View Park playground is about 2 acres and a nice location to stay in Rancho Cucamonga.

Dog Park

Dog owners are free to bring their dogs to the Mountain View Park because it has a Dog park where you can keep your dogs. Ensure your dog comes with a braided collar which makes identifying him easy. You can find a well – funcushed dog park for cheap rates at this park. However, the dog breed and size might come to play when keeping them at the Dog Park.


Mountain View Park is an entertainment avenue everyone should visit. Whether to kill boredom, take pictures, or enjoy Outdoor exercise opportunities. Plan your visit today to the mountain view park and have fun.

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Call Now: (909) 277-6920